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Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Wed Jul 21 17:06:26 EST 1993

If the bionet archive at doesn't suit you, try the one
at  You can gopher or ftp there, and find
past articles grouped by month in Network-News/bionet/ (/usenet/bionet
by ftp).  If you go by gopher, then you can also use the indexed 
search of bionet news to pick out past articles.

In article <1993Jul21.213513.20045 at> seb1005 at (Steven Brenner) writes:
>A simple question: why are the bionet archives (anon ftp to
>, directory pub/BIOSCI/*) separated by month through 10/92,
>but then not sorted by date thereafter?
>If I want to catch up on a group which I haven't read for over a week
>(the timeout on my system), I am forced to download 8 months of news,
>which is rather annoying.
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