How animal "rights" activists recruit you unawares (was

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> The starting point is to reject the philosphy and refuse to debate it.

Wonderfully open-minded.  This is the approach that the Pope used with
Galileo.  Hey- I know what would be fun-let's have an Animal Rights

> People treated animals
> humanely for millenia without "animal rights" (a product of the 70's) and
> we will continue to do so.

People haven't even treated people humanely for millenia.  While I
don't have any problems with legitimate animal research, situations
such as dog tracks and veal farms merit attention. Animal welfare is a
legitimate concern.

> You're a researcher not a philosopher.

I wouldn't want to make the mistake of thinking about the implications
of what I'm doing.


"Now I am become death; the destroyer of worlds"-from the
Baghavad-gita.  Quoted by Oppenheimer at Trinity.

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