being recrutied unawares vs. being intimidated out of the discussion

Jeffrey M. Fried jmf at
Tue Jul 27 11:45:17 EST 1993

SCHLOSSER at writes:

... stuff deleted (replies to the poll only)
>As to the question raised in another e-mail (sorry, I didn't keep that
>quote either), "Are we scientists or are we philosphers?" here's a
>little pole:

>1)  Do you hold, or are you working towards a degree, entitled 'Doctor of
>    *Philosophy*'?


>2)  If your answer to #1 is "yes", how much meaning do you attach to the
>    term 'Philosophy'?

>3)  Who should decide the role of animal *welfare* in science?

Anyone who practices, funds, or benefits (or suffers) from science, in short
all of us.

>4)  Should these decisions be re-examined on a periodic basis, given (or
>    in spite of) the current AR movement?

Yes, but because there are excesses on both sides; decisions and the debate
preceeding them keep both sides honest.

-- Jeff.

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