Postdoctoral position in theoretical biology

Steve Frank steve at
Tue Jul 27 19:19:19 EST 1993

Attached below is an advertisement for a postdoctoral position in  
theoretical population biology.  Please distribute the advertisement to  
anyone who may be interested.

In addition to the usual of subjects in theoretical population biology, I  
also have a strong interest in the evolution of learning.  Individuals  
whose backgrounds are in computer science but also have some knowledge of  
biology may wish to send an inquiry or application.

Steven Frank        	| Tel: 714-725-2244
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Univ. of California   	| bitnt: safrank at uci.bitnet
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[NOTE:  I will be out of town August 13-28.]


A postdoctoral position in theoretical population biology is open at UC  
Irvine for a period of one year.  An extension is possible depending on  
the availability of funds.  Excellent space and computational facilities  
will be provided.  The main qualifications are independence and a record  
that demonstrates the ability to choose and analyze interesting biological  
problems.  Topics of specific interest include, but are not limited to,  
host-parasite interactions, symbiosis, breeding systems, evolution of  
learning, and social behavior.  Please submit a statement of research  
interests, curriculum vitae, relevant publications, and the names and  
phone numbers of at least two references by October 1, 1993 to S. A.  
Frank, Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California,  
Irvine, CA 92717.  Inquiries may be sent by electronic mail to  
safrank at

UCI is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer committed to  
excellence through diversity.


Mark C. Andersen:      Plant-herbivore interactions, quantitative 
                       ecology, conservation biology

Peter R. Atsatt:       Plant ecology and evolution

Francisco J. Ayala:    Population and evolutionary genetics

Albert F. Bennett:     Environmental physiology, physiological ecology

Timothy J. Bradley:    Comparative physiology of ion transport epithelia

Roy J. Britten:        Genome organization and evolution

Nancy Burley:          Behavioral ecology, sexual selection, 
                       social organization and communication

Diane R. Campbell:     Plant population biology, pollination ecology

F. Lynn Carpenter:     Community ecology, behavioral ecology

Walter M. Fitch:       Molecular and genetic evolution

Steven A. Frank:       Social behavior and evolutionary genetics

Alan G. Gibbs:         Comparative physiology and biochemistry, arthropod 
                       cuticle lipids and cell membranes

Joseph L. Graves, Jr.: Evolution and physiology of aging in Drosophila, 
                       cultural diversity and structure of science

James W. Hicks:        Comparative physiology of circulation and 
                       gas exchange

Richard R. Hudson:     Theoretical population genetics, molecular 
                       genetics, DNA variation within populations

George L. Hunt, Jr.:   Behavioral ecology, Marine ornithology

Robert K. Josephson:   Comparative neurophysiology, muscle physiology

Harold Koopowitz:      Comparative neurophysiology, conservation of 
                       endangered plant species

George V. Lauder, Jr.: Functional vertebrate morphology

Laurence D. Mueller:   Theoretical and empirical studies of 
                       density-dependent natural selection

Eloy Rodriguez:        Chemical ecology of plant-animal interactions

Michael R. Rose:       Evolution of life histories and genetic systems

Arthur E. Weis:        Evolutionary ecology of plant-insect interactions, 
                       plant population biology

Stephen G. Weller:     Plant reproductive ecology, plant 
                       population ecology

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