ECG (Electrocardiogram) Signal Compression and Decompression

Ian Wood iwood at
Wed Jul 28 11:16:10 EST 1993

zmahmood at (Zulshan Mahmood MSC92) writes:
>I am an M.Sc. student in Information Technology at Strathclyde
>University, Scotland, and am currently pursuing a research 
>project in the area of ECG (Electrocardiogram) signal compression
>(compression of heart signals) and decompression.
[..some deleted..]
Sorry, but no information re: the question...
>My email address is:
>			zmahmood at
This email address will work on Janet but not Internet...
For those _not_ on Janet (ie: those on Internet, etc), reverse the
domain (last) part of Zulshan's email address, thus:
                        zmahmood at   should work
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