Microscopes in Jurassic Park

charles francis delwiche cdelwich at nickel.ucs.indiana.edu
Wed Jul 28 16:14:17 EST 1993

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>>I am trying to remember the scenes where the microscope are used
>>but don't remember anything jumping out at me.
>>Maybe they were using an inverted scope noninverted...
>>I dunno.
>>Any guesses?

Well, what I noticed was that the ocular heads were on backwards.  As
I recall this was the case both in the trailer at the dig in South
Dakota (?) and in the laboratory in "Jurassic Park" itself.  So my
question is: was that the only problem, or did other people notice
other things?  Like for example, were the condensers in the right
position?  I didn't pay any attention to that (I was there to see the
dinosaurs after all...)

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