Question about extracting ancient DNA

Greg Bole bole at
Tue Jul 27 19:17:05 EST 1993

Hi, I have a question for all you bio gurus out there.  Especially those
who know about extracting DNA from extinct species.

I know there have been many advances recently in extracting DNA from
things like fossilized bone, preserved human bodies, insects trapped in 
amber, etc.  My question is this:  Has anyone actually extracted DNA 
from the blood *inside* the stomachs of insects trapped in amber?  If 
not, do you think this will this ever be possible?  Shades of "Jurassic Park" 
to be sure...  (and I do know what else is fact and fiction in the genetics 
of the novel, but not this one particular point)

I'm sorry if this is the wrong news-group to post this on.  If it is
I'd be thankful if anyone can guide me to a better forum for this

Please use E-mail to answer any of these questions.  Thanks in advance.

Greg Bole  bole at
Department of Biology, The University of Pennsylvania

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