being recrutied unawares vs. being intimidated out of the discussion

Michael Holloway mhollowa at
Wed Jul 28 10:33:38 EST 1993

In article <CAu17L.KJq at> jmf at (Jeffrey M. Fried) writes:
>Yes, but because there are excesses on both sides; decisions and the debate
>preceeding them keep both sides honest.

If you had seen my previous posts you'd have known this request was coming.
Briefly, I'll explain why I'm asking.  Within some segments of academia, it 
is automatically assumed that when there is one extreme opinion there must 
be a counter-balanced opinion on the other side.  An insistance in applied
eastern philosophy I guess.  Very often, of course, this is not the case.  
Within the slander bag of animal "rights" propaganda there is no end 
of "extremes" to which the cruel researcher will go.  This is probably 
not the stuff to which you were referring but I'm still left in the dark 
as to what examples you were referring to.  Could you expand on that?


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