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Patricia de Oliveira patricia at BDT.FTPT.BR
Fri Jul 30 06:12:15 EST 1993

You will find information on Brazilian zoos staff and animal holdings 
on this two databases (in portuguese, it should work for addresses and
technical data, try scientific names etc)

* Who's Who in Biodiversity (data of 1993)
. Who's Who in Botany (data of 1992)
. Brazilian Herbaria (data of 1992)
* Brazilian Zoos Census (data of 1992)
. Bacterial Nomenclature (data of February, 1993)
. National Catalogue of Strains: Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, Protozoa,
  Virus, Cell Lines (data of 1990)
. Antimicrobials (data of 1991)
. BIODIV-L (data of 1993)
. SBPCHoje (data of 1993)
. Training Courses and Workshops (data of 1993)

Language: Portuguese
This database is a result of a project carried out by BDT sponsored by
IBAMA. Available information includes: address, title, field of interest,
work carried out, and research activity.

Language: Portuguese
Database sponsored by the Brazilian Society of Zoos. Information includes
data on Brazilian Zoos, such as address, research activities, and holdings.
Indications as to endangered species is also included.

All databases listed are available through the BDT-gopher. Accession can be
made via  gopher 70, or by choosing the BDT entry in one of the
existing biogophers.

For those  users that  do not  have access  to Internet  or  PSS,  database
searches can  also be  carried out  by  e-mail.  Queries  are  carried  out
automatically by  the system  and the  answer is also sent by e-mail to the
user. Further information about this facility ("dbserver"), can be obtained
by sending a message to dbserver at, with the word HELP as text.

Good luck!

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