WHAT IS LIFE. (The next fifty years).

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         WHAT IS LIFE?
         The next fifty years

     Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
     September 20th - 22nd, 1993

In 1943, the famous Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger delivered a 
series of lectures in Trinity College, Dublin entitled "What is 
Life?". The resulting book proved immensely influential for the 
development of molecular biology. This symposium commemorates the 
50th anniversary of the original lectures, and will be held again in 
Trinity College, Dublin. The aim will be to emulate Schrodinger's 
approach by speculating on future directions for the biological 
sciences. Highly eminent scientists including five Nobel laureates 
will be speaking, in what promises to be an unique and stimulating 


     Jared Diamond
     "The evolution of human inventiveness"
     Christian de Duve
     "RNA without protein or protein without RNA?"
     Gerald Edelman
     "Physics, life and mind: is it possible to build a perception machine?"
     Manfred Eigen
     "What remains of the twentieth century's biology?"
     Stephen Jay Gould
     "What is life?: a problem in history"
     Leslie Orgel
     "Molecular replication and disordered crystals"
     John Maynard Smith
     "The origin of life"
     Walter Thirring
     "Do the laws of nature evolve?"
     Lewis Wolpert
     "Towards simulating the generative programme of the egg"
     Roger Penrose
Registration Fees : IR#95  (Student Rate IR#60)
For further information and registration forms contact 
Dr Luke O'Neill,
Department of Biochemistry, 
Trinity College, Dublin 2, 
Tel : +353-1-702 2439  
Fax : +353-1-6772 400
or e-mail (Dr Margaret Worrall) : mworrall at ollamh.ucd.ie

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