Coastal GIS - a global survey.

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Fri Jul 30 09:27:23 EST 1993

Dear Sir or Madam,
We are attaching a copy of a questionnaire entitled "GIS in Coastal
Research/Management", in the hope that you, or an appropriate member of
your institution, will be prepared to fill in the answers to the ten short
This questionnaire is being distributed by WCMC to institutions involved
in coastal research and management in both the developed and developing
world.  The objectives of this survey are as follows:
1.      To assess present and potential use of GIS in coastal
        research/management programmes throughout the developed and developing
2.      To provide a structure for an inventory of coastal spatial digital
        datasets and associated institutions/individuals.
3.      To assess the investment of staff and research time being made by
        institutions in this area.  If you do not know about Geographic
        Information Systems, or do not presently have GIS facilities, but you
        are still interested in your institution being listed on this
        database, please fill in section 1 of the form and return it to the
        address given above.
Unless you specifically object, data from responses to the questionnaire
will be stored in the form of a database file at WCMC.  Data from
questionnaires will not be used for any commercial purpose.
Once the survey is complete we intend to distribute a summary of the
results to all respondents and will be happy to answer any specific
requests for information.  Please feel free to distribute copies of the
attached questionnaire to other individuals who you feel might like to be
included in this survey or notify me of contact addresses.  Thank you for
your time.
Section 1: Details of Respondent
Surname:                                       (Prof;Dr;Mr;Mrs;Miss;Ms)
First names:
Name of Institution/Organisation:
Telephone no:                                   Fax no:
Email address:
Section 2: Institutional Use of Geographic Information System
1.      Does your institution have facilities for using Geographic Information
        Systems?                                                                                        YES/NO
2.      What hardware platform do these facilities run on?  
        (e.g. Workstation, PC).  
        Please give the number of each type of platform that you institution
        has access to.
3.      What GIS software packages are available at your institution 
        (e.g: ARC/INFO, IDRISI)?
Section 3: Use of GIS in Coastal Research/Management Projects
4.      Has GIS been used in projects involving coastal research/management
        at your institution?    YES/NO  (If no, please indicate if you plan
        to use GIS for such projects in the near future)
5.      How many staff are involved in using GIS at your institution?
        How many of these are involved in coastal projects?
6.      Please give a one-sentence summary of individual projects involving
        GIS in coastal management or research that have been undertaken at
        your institution (e.g. "Classification of Mangrove Habitats for Belize
        using ARC/INFO").  If you can provide more details, including scales,
        abstracts or reports please do so.
7.      Please give a one-sentence summary of other projects which are
        ongoing, about to start, or proposed.
8.      Are you interested in sharing datasets/information with other
        individuals/institutions, using GIS for coastal research of
        management?   YES/NO
9.      If there are any further details concerning GIS and coastal research
        at your institution that you would like to provide, please put notes
        here and/or provide separate enclosures:
10.     Would you allow us to include the data from this questionairre in a
        database, to be held at WCMC and made available to other institutions
        involved in coastal management projects?   YES/NO
Please return completed questionnaire to:
Mark Spalding, Research Officer, Habitats Data Unit
E-mail: Mark.Spalding at
or: World Conservation Monitoring Centre, 219 Huntingdon Rd
Cambridge, CB3 0DL, UK
Tel: +44 (0)223 277314
Fax: +44 (0)223 277136

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