do bird visual fields have overlap?

Patrick van der Smagt smagt at
Tue Jun 1 14:33:59 EST 1993

For my thesis I am developing a system which uses a
monocular visual system mounted to a robot arm.  One
of the methods I use is related to a theory about
how a gannet catches a fish: it uses image flow which
is reconstructable from a sequence of images obtained
with a *single* retina.

Now in order to defend my control system I like to argue,
look, basically animals such as most birds, and horses,
have hardly *any* overlap in their two visual fields,
and therefore cannot be truely argued to have stereo vision.
Rather, they have mono vision twice, since their eyes are
mounted on the side of their heads.

But it this true?  How much overlap do their visual fields,
indeed, have?  Do birds see stereo?


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