Free Sony Walkman

jie yuan jie at
Tue Jun 1 20:54:28 EST 1993

Do you want to keep up with the current research in your field?
Do you sequence a piece of DNA and wants to know what sequences it matches?
Here is your answer.

       Applied Biotechnology Co. provide following services:
1.  Complete bio-medical information search over last four years.
2.  Over 2 million bio-related journal searched.
3.  Your DNA and Protein sequence analysis.
4.  DNA and Protein sequence search.
5.  DNA and pretein pattern search to look for special sites (glycosylation    
   phospholation, Zn finger etc.)
6.  DNA and protein sequence similarity search.
Just fax your query to 415 326 0936
We will fax your results back with title, abstract and or sequence within 24 hours  for only $149 per search.
For a limited time, we will send you a free Sony walkman with every search you payed

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