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*  I'm forwarding the folowing from an applied biology elist
* because it would suggest where in the government to "complain"
* about lack of free research telecommunications after 1996.

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Friends: Here is a new entity that we are working with.
I think they will be a good partner.
Tom Tate
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   The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)
   was created by Public Law 102-538 on October 27, 1992. This law is
   called the "Telecommunications Authorization Act of 1992" and contains
   Title I--the National Telecommunications and Information Administration
   Organization Act.

   The NTIA created by this law is to be headed by an Assistant Secretary
   of Commerce for Communications and Information, appointed by the
   President. Among the many specific functions assigned to NTIA is "the
   authority to conduct studies and evaluations concerning
   telecommunications research and development and concerning the
   initiation, improvement, expansion, testing, operation, and use of
   federal telecommunications systems and advising agencies of the results
   of such  studies and evaluations."

   The NTIA is directed by the Act to advance the following policies:

   "1. Promoting the benefits of technological development in the United
        States for all users of telecommunications and information

    2. Fostering national safety and security, economic prosperity, and
        the delivery of critical social services through

    3. Facilitating and contributing to the full development of
        competition, efficiency, and the free flow of commerce in domestic
        and international telecommunications markets.

    4. Fostering full and efficient use of telecommunications resources,
        including effective use of the radio spectrum by the Federal
        Government, in a manner which encourages the most beneficial uses
        thereof in the public interest.

    5. Furthering scientific knowledge about telecommunications and

   You may have a copy of the Act if you circle item number 33 on the
   Newsletter Order Sheet and return it to OPG or by ordering it via e-
   mail (cuopg at

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