?End of Internet as we know it

Una Smith smith-una at yale.edu
Thu Jun 3 09:31:25 EST 1993

Don Gilbert wrote:

>Universities have in a real sense paid for their use of Internet
>by devoting time of their skilled people, by developing software, 
>protocols and the stuff which form the useful basis of the Internet.

Yup.  A lot of people, including myself, see it this way.  We helped
build the Internet for the public good, and now someone else is trying
to sell it to the world, obviously expecting an enormous profit, and
the message I'm hearing is that we're just consumers.

Besides, universities have already paid, and continue to pay, very
real costs, and not just in terms of manpower in R&D, but also in
the construction of the basic infrastructure.  Now we're supposed
to pay yet more just because, gee, that's the business world works.
Maybe we don't want to let the business world dictate how things are
going to be.  But the decisions are being made right *now*, so now
is the time to act.

It is not true that you get what you pay for.  Rather, you pay for
what you get, so you had better make sure that you get what you want.


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