?End of Internet as we know it

Andre Hamel hamel at ccu.umanitoba.ca
Thu Jun 3 12:45:47 EST 1993

(stuff deleted)
>> Don Gilbert:
>>Universities have in a real sense paid for their use of Internet
>>by devoting time of their skilled people, by developing software, 
>>protocols and the stuff which form the useful basis of the Internet.

> Una Smith:
>Yup.  A lot of people, including myself, see it this way.  We helped
>build the Internet for the public good, and now someone else is trying
>to sell it to the world, obviously expecting an enormous profit, and
>the message I'm hearing is that we're just consumers.
>Besides, universities have already paid, and continue to pay, very
>real costs, and not just in terms of manpower in R&D, but also in
>the construction of the basic infrastructure.  Now we're supposed

(stuff deleted)

>going to be.  But the decisions are being made right *now*, so now
>is the time to act.
>It is not true that you get what you pay for.  Rather, you pay for
>what you get, so you had better make sure that you get what you want.


Too bad "they" (powers that be) don't make use of this *wonderful* medium  :-(

For if they did, and *partook*  in these open discussions then at least
the "voices of the many" would be "heard by those few" ... sorry to sound
rather "Vulcan" (idealisms of Spock?) ... but I feel it to be true.

These electronic bulletin boards are so new (I just started and have so
much to learn/discover) and not as pervasive as, say television and radio,
yet has potential to become MORE useful/"powerful" than printed news ...
wonder what scene would be like if electronic communications were to have
been first followed by newspapers? Would the loggers, pulp/paper
industrialists, printers, environmentalists, etc be vying same way that todays
telecomms are?

Lets hope that there are enough "powers that be" reading ANY of these
forums ... that would be a hot newsgroup!  Anyone aware of ANY legislators
that use the net? :-)

regards, Andre
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