Official White House Email Address

Una Smith smith-una at
Thu Jun 3 20:32:23 EST 1993

I too think this is a great step forward.  But a wonderful aspect
of this electronic medium is that we can all debate and argue within
our various favorite groups, and even when no consensus is reached,
a lot of people think hard about what really matters to them.  The
very fact that bionet.general has such a large readership compared
to the other bionet.* newsgroups is prima facie evidence that this is
something we all want and care about.

Consider that opinion polls involve generally no more than 1000 people,
who are pulled from some list and may not represent the general public.
When everyone who cares about a given issue has the opportunity to be
counted on specifically that issue, then it is no longer a poll, but a
vote.  And a vote is very, very close to a binding vote.  If we do it
right, this could be the first truly democratic form of government to 
exist on a national (or international) scale. 

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