Applied Biosystems 373A DNA Sequencer: Data Storage.

Albert Catalano, Harry Iland kanemats at
Fri Jun 4 00:15:40 EST 1993

To all users of the Applied Biosystems DNA Sequencer and GENESCAN:

What form of data archiving hardware are you using?
We are just about to have a 373A installed in our lab and would like some
advice on how you have solved the problem of archiving the massive files
produced by GENESCAN.

Our problem is complicated by the fact that the users of the system are
separated geographically and not connected by any network (although we have
access to internet via a 2400baud modem). Therefore we need a solution that
is portable and able to be installed in 2 locations cost-effectively.

Current suggestions are a 1Gigabyte hard drive with DAT (Digital Audio Tape)
backup and / or a removeable hard drive for transport of data between user

Any suggestions re. this subject or general 373A hints would be greatly
appreciated. Our expected installation date is ~12 July 1993.
Thank you.

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