the disease in New Mexico

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Fri Jun 4 12:16:58 EST 1993

>      Does anyone have details of the mysterious disease in New Mexico?  All 
> I've heard is that it is "flu-like" and has killed mainly young, active, 
> healthy people.  What is the word from the CDC?  Does anyone have any 
> more information on this besides what we are hearing on the news?

Good post!  I have been following the media news closely but was going
to ask about this today too.  The only thing that I have seen are
vague reports, one of which mentioned some rumor about prairie dogs
(squirrel-like rodents for our non-U.S. readers) in the vicinity
having died off and speculating that a virus may have been passed to
humans.  I have seen no follow-up on that item which was clearly
labeled in the report as a rumor.  Does anyone know for a fact whether
or not such an animal epidemic did in fact occur?


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