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Subject: It works--but how will it go? (*MBU*) (10)
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I sent a message to the White House, using the address Eric posted,
and I received this reply lightning-fast--too fast for it to have
been sent by a person.  In my message, I applauded the attempt
(one could hardly call it an innovation) but expressed misgivings
over the "response systems" idea, since that could turn into a really
cynical use of e-mail--having a machine pull out keywords in a
message and "respond" with canned text.  No need for a real, live
human bean to see such a message, eh?

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     Thank you for sending in your thoughts and comments to the
President via electronic mail.  We are pleased to introduce this
new form of communication into the White House for the first time
in history.  I welcome your response and participation.

     As we work to reinvent government and streamline our
processes, this electronic mail experiment will help put us on
the leading edge of progress.  Please remember, though, this is
still very much an experiment.

     Your message has been read, and we are keeping careful track
of all the mail we are receiving electronically.  We will be
trying out a number of response-based systems shortly, and I ask
for your patience as we move forward to integrate electronic mail
from the public into the White House.

     Again, on behalf of the President, thank you for your
message and for taking part in the White House electronic mail


                        Marsha Scott, Deputy Assistant
                        to the President and Director
                         of Correspondence

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