the disease in New Mexico

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Fri Jun 4 17:23:25 EST 1993

I received the following response to my earlier posting which pertains
to the issue at hand.

Dave Kristofferson

>  I have not heard anything locally about prairie dogs dying in the
>vicinity of Four Corners. There is currently a case were some dead
>rabbits were found with the plague. But the two localities are
>something on the order of 200 miles apart, and the diseases have
>little in common.
>   I doubt that anyone official will give any speculations, since I
>suspect anyone doing so would be worried about committing political
>suicide. You see after some bostonian doctor got up and "warned
>everyone to stay away from New Mexico" everyone who has even a remote
>connection with the tourist industry has a serious case of angst. I
>could have understood him saying that it would be a good idea to stay
>50 miles away from the little town where everyone caught the disease
>(as I understand, it was found that all effected individuals had
>either lived in or visited the same little town).  But saying don't
>visit NM is like saying don't visit Boston because there is some
>problem in New York City.

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