Info on TREECON phylogeney program

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Fri Jun 4 09:04:24 EST 1993

In article <1um1av$ojs at> gordond at (Douglas Gordon) writes:
>     I am interested in obtaining a software program for the IBM pc called
>TREECON.  I have looked around through GOPHER but I have been unable to
>locate any information.  It is a program for generating evolutionary trees
>using distance matrix methods.  Any info on FTP sites or other locations from
>which I might access this software would be greatly appreciated.
A little gophering finds the following citation for TREECON:

ID   VPEY9301
RA   Van de Peer Y., De Wachter R.
RT   "TREECON: a software package for the construction and drawing of
RT   evolutionary trees.";
RL   Comput. Appl. Biosci. 9:177-182(1993).

You could try contacting the authors - they're at:

    Univ Instelling Antwerp                                                    
    Dept Biochem                                                               
    Univ Plein 1                                                               
    B-2610 Wilrijk                                                             

Sorry - couldn't find an e-mail address.

Best of luck,

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