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|> >In article <1uj0m7$5pt at max.physics.sunysb.edu>, mhollowa at ic.sunysb.edu (Michael Holloway) writes:
|> You would have trouble believing (though I'm sure 
|> other readers here can back me up) just how computerphobic the average 
|> biomed researcher is.  MD's are worse.  God almighty could not get these 
|> people to accept that the average researcher needs anything more than a
|> pirated copy of Wordstar.  I am now sitting in front of a PC that I went 
|> through a great deal of trouble to pay for and put together myself.  Half of 
|> it is discarded junk.  I have access to the net through a department modem 
|> and a seldom used ability of a registered student here to get an account on
|> a system without any accounting.  If the executive committee of my program 
|> knew I was posting to something that they'd understand only as a "computer
|> bulletin board" they could use it as grounds for my dismissal from the 
|> Mike

If the "net" does nothing else, it can expand you view of the world and
make you better appreciate what you have. I am shocked at you description,
but another SUNY person e-mailed me a similar story. At UCSF every student
and staffer can get an account on the central computer simply by asking for
it. If specific computer time is needed for statistics or the like, you also
must ask for that with a detailed request. Virtually every lab is on Ethernet. 
As for computerphobia, perhaps the decision to become a nearly Mac-exclusive
university back in about 1986 has had something to do the preponderance of
computers. Truckloads are delivered every week and there is always a backlog.
I have come to REALLY appreciate my alma mater.

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