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Rob Harper harper at
Sat Jun 5 02:38:02 EST 1993

I was really surprised when I read the message about E-mail access to
the white house... I thought it must be a hoax, with some forged mail
header. It appears that people are however having success with posting
to the President... being modest I posted to the vice-president
instead... that was a few days ago and I have not had any reply
"canned" or otherwise. Perhaps they don't reply to foreigners:-)

If indeed the goverment is interested in getting feedback from the
people I think it is a bit naive of them to set up a couple of
userids. They are going to get swamped with letters, and who is going
to spend time to sort out the gold from the dross.

It amazes me that if people are given the opportunity to have their
opinions heard by the ears of those in power, then they will spend
time to hone their words so they will have a sharp edge. OOoooH access
to the president...  whereas when it comes to writing to for the
commom man, or fellow biologists, then rarely does anyone put in very
much effort... ( well except for me and Dan Jacobson of course )

I do believe there is a revolution going on in networking, and I
wonder how much of it has government approval or is even inspired by
government. It seems to me that the opposite is true. If you have
listened to "Geek_of_the_Week" on Internet Talk Radio (yes radio
programmes over internet folks) you will hear Brewster Kahle saying
that now that WAIS has become established and successful, the
Government and the Library of Congress have become interested in WAIS
applications. The individual leads and the government follows.

So it is rather pitiful that the White house should open up two
userids, one for the president and one for the vice-president. 
I should imagine that the whole exercise will tell them a few facts
that everyone who networks already knows.

	1) There are lots of people using E-mail
	2) Lots of E-mail is drivel
	3) Information overload is a problem
	4) Filtering the important from the unimportant is a man's job
The technological breakthoughs will not take place at the white house.
They are already happening on the net. The only thing that we should
be happy about is that they are rubbing the sleep from their eyes, and
starting to wake up. We can only hope that the breakfast of E-mail
that they eat is not so insipid that it makes them yawn, and sends them
back to bed.

    "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's
     character, give him power."
                                        -- Abraham Lincoln

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