Odd question regarding menstruation

dale webb dwebb at unl.edu
Sat Jun 5 18:26:32 EST 1993

butler at cs.UAlberta.CA (Butler Raymond W) writes:

>My wife teaches sex-ed and one of her strangely inquisitive students asked
>a question that somewhat baffled both of us, since we are not professional
>biology types.  Do cats and dogs get regular periods?  Hey, I know it's rather
>revolting, but we didn't ask the question in the first place.  Any brave
>souls out there want to tackle this one?

Dogs and cats do not menstruate.  Only primates menstruate.  Dogs and cats 
have periodic "heat" periods that are periods of sexual receptivity.  Dogs 
do this about twice a year, cats generally more frequently.  Neither animal
builds and sloughs its endometrium as do primates.  You might refer to a 
text on veterinary theriogenology at a local veterinary school or 
university library for more specifics.

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