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Apparently not everyone sees the reorientation of the Internet as a plot
to deprive "scientists" of freebie access to the backbone.  :^)

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Most of you are probably aware of a plan to limit free use of
INTERNET to "scientists" transmitting huge files and to start
charging for e-mail.  Apparently, this is the result of private
telecommunications interests putting pressure on the National
Science Foundation.

If this plan is realized, it will mean that the majority of the
approximately 15 million users of INTERNET will be cut off.
Sadly, this is occurring just when the potential of this network
was starting to be realized.

Something must be DONE.  We can not let private interests deprive
us of access to INTERNET.

I suggest that all concerned users register their protest/concern
directly with Clinton and Gore via e-mail.  Their e-mail address
have recently been posted and they are:


In addition, I also suggest that we identify the office in the
NSF which is responsible for INTERNET and register electronic
protests with them.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, especially in
locating the e-mail address for the office in the NSF.

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I received this over e-mail earlier today.  I decided to spread the word. 
I have no idea what the 'plans' are but I suggest that you continue
spreading this to other groups that you read.

- Bri

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