Mexico to Dedicate Northern Gulf of California as Biosphere Reserve

Ed Gonzalez edg at tt734
Tue Jun 8 13:41:35 EST 1993

I just wanted to point out that in an investigative report done by one of
the mexican TV networks (and shown in Mexico a few months ago), it was 
pointed out that the Northwestern coast of Mexico was virtually being 
ransacked of any marine life.  Mexicans, and Americans were to blame 
but these were not the only ones, since Japanese fishing boats were 
sighted many times by the locals.
In fact, a few people mentioned that some of the japanese boats would go
on fishing sprees inside the gulf of California or would be very close to
the coast (close enough to be picked up clearly via  inexpensive VHF/UHF radio).
Regretably, the mexican navy had their ships "in for repairs", and would
not leave port to stop the indiscriminate pillage.

Steps like the one that all conservation groups are taking in coordination
with the mexican president is a good start.  Now comes the hard part:
Making all the government bureaucrats (in both US and Mexico) to do their
job.  (ie., protect wildlife and stop the ransacking).


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