Official White House Email Address (fwd)

Peter Jensen pjensen at
Tue Jun 8 18:20:02 EST 1993

I should clarify a few things.

First of all, a lot depends on whether the White House is POSIX-compliant.
If so, you could open a pipe to the president's process, but you're likely
only to receive standard i/o.  Anything meaningful would be encoded by his
stream handlers, which would be useless to most since the public hasn't
got the key.  I have been told that the White House is mostly POSIX.1
compliant, except that the fork() call has been changed to pork(), for
reasons only known to select Washington system administrators. 

Most of the White House links are merely symbolic, very few of them
logical.  You rightly point out that many eventually lead to /dev/null. 
Some assert this is due to a failure on Hillary Rodham Clinton's part, as
she could not produce a magic cookie in the primaries.  Others believe
that a networking failure is to blame. 

I should also say that I haven't any submissions for ncbi.gripes. 


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