Will I starve?

Gauthaman Ravindran g2raving at cdf.toronto.edu
Wed Jun 9 20:19:17 EST 1993

	Hello, folks.  I've just finished my second year of biochemistry
and computer science, and I was wondering precisely (or imprecisely)
what is in store for me after I graduate.  Apparently I will require
a Master's degree at the very least in order to acquire gainful employment,
and I will probably require a Ph.D.  However, I have been reading on
this network and other sources that the demand for researchers in my 
planned field is rather low.  So the question is, what sort of work is
out there?  Will I starve to death later?  Should I shoot myself now?
	I'm asking here because I would rather hear experiences directly,
not the diluted things that you read in advice books.
	Thank you very much.
	Your humble servant,

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