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Mon Jun 14 03:43:57 EST 1993

Regarding the recent CFD for the establishment of the mailing list
BTK-MCA as a newsgroup, (bionet.metabolic-reg) I would like to present
a list of the topics currently considered to fall within the scope of
the group.  As the discussion leader, I have been asked to post this
summary by one of our contributers (Hans Westerhoff <hw at>):

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Our current charter states:

``... informal group devoted to the quantitative understanding of the
kinetics, thermodynamics and control of biological processes at the
cellular level ... aimed at providing a forum for a vivid exchange of
ideas between experimenters with a keen eye for quantitative aspects,
theoreticians with a keen eye for the experimental practice and those
in between ... intended to provide not only some continuity between
the biAnnial meetings but also to serve to propagate interest in the
subjects covered.  Informal participation is welcomed from all fields
(and at all levels) and it is particularly, but not exclusively,
encouraged in the domain of Metabolic Control Analysis --- the
investigation of control in biological systems.''

Some of the topics addressed include:

-modelling  of metabolic    and  physiological  processes   (including
metabolic pathways, regulated gene expression and signal transduction)
-Quantitative Bioenergetics  (measurement and   quantitative relaitons
between   bioenergetically    important  varaiables  such  as membrane
potentials, free energy of  hydrolysis of ATP.  here  also discussions
on   slip versus leak, local   versus global chemiosmosis (channelling
versus pool behavior) are welcome.
-Non Equilibrium  Thermodynamics - theory  and applications  to topics
including those covered   in monographs  by  Hill,  Caplan  &   Essig,
Westerhoff & van Dam, Katchalsky & Curran.
-metabolic and hierarchical control theories (as pioneered by Kacser
Burns Heinrich Rapoport and elaborated by many)
-metabolic and hierarchical control analyses (i.e., the experimental
applications of the above )
-enzyme kinetics other novel and related developments are also of
interest for this group, including the applications of neural nets to
any of the above, nonlinear dielectrics (cf. Douglas Kell) nonlinear
Importantly, metabolic-reg is not at all meant to be a group for
theoreticians.  Rather, it is meant to serve as an interface between
theoretical and experimental work.  The connecting factor is the idea
that interesting scientific problems can only be solved by combining
theoretical and experimental analysis.


BTK-MCA is currently supported by an experimental archive site:

Bibliograhic material will soon be placed there, and a list of details
of those researching in these fields.  Abstracts will also be placed.
Software for the anaylsis of biochemical (and other) sytems is already
available.  Please contact me,  John Woods <eanv20 at>
with any queries about the proposed group or the archive.

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