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Melissa van de Poel lbgmp at rivm.nl
Mon Jun 14 06:21:48 EST 1993

Hi netters!

I have a question for anyone who works
in field sampling for coliforms in water--
I have read somewhere about test kits for
taking water samples for coliforms from 
rivers, open water sources, etc., that do
NOT need to be incubated.  These indicator
test kits were used in Africa to do coliform
testing in small streams.  I will be 
doing some coliform data collection in Asia,
and I would really like to get a hold of
some of these kits, since I can't take 
MacConkey agar plates and an incubator
and autoclave in the field.  Also, any 
suggestions on sampling procedures, references,
etc., would be MOST appreciated!!
Thanks very much in advance for your help!
Also, if you have info over these kits,
distributor and price information would also
be great if you have it.

e-mail to lbgmp at krypton.rivm.nl

(Melissa A. van der Poel)

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