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Tue Jun 15 09:36:26 EST 1993

I wrote:

>> John Wood's description of this mailing list sounds virtually identical
>> to many of the long-running discussions in  I suggest
>> that the current subscribers join rather than creating
>> yet another newsgroup.

David Fell replied:

>Una Smith's proposition strikes me as [a fallacy]: information theory
>discusses these topics, therefore these topics are information theory.

Don't confuse a thing's name with what goes on in the name of that thing!

I did not say "information theory discusses" but the *people* in the
newsgroup often do discuss (or try to) biochemistry
and other aspects of cell function.  It is a rather theoretical group,
and I think it would benefit from the attention of more experimentalists.
Why shut ourselves off into the narrowest possible groups?  I'd like to
suggest that the metabolic regulations folks join,
which contrary to the past few weeks generally doesn't have that much
traffic.  A new group could be created at a later date, when and if it
becomes apparent that there is sufficient interest and participation to
support a separate group.

Usenet newsgroups, including the bionet ones, are distributed to thousands
of sites, and therefore are not efficient distribution mechanisms for 
groups that have very small readerships.  I think it is important to 
evaluate this cost when deciding how to vote about the creation of a new

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