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Tue Jun 15 08:13:22 EST 1993

Una Smith writes:

> John Wood's description of this mailing list sounds virtually identical
> to many of the long-running discussions in  I suggest
> that the current subscribers join rather than creating
> yet another newsgroup.

I am sure the fallacy in the following proposition is easily spotted:
Cats have four legs.  Therefore animals with four legs are cats.

Una Smith's proposition strikes me as the same: information theory
discusses these topics, therefore these topics are information theory.

I would not want to denigrate information theory and I would accept
the possibility of its application in metabolic regulation, but as a
matter of record, little of the extant work uses information theory.
In any case, metabolic-reg would not be different from many other
bionet groups that are classified by their biological topic rather
than the practical or theoretical tools they use.

David Fell
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