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In article <37276 at> eanv20 at (John Woods) writes:
>is the most theoretical tip of our field at a level of sophistication
>that would appear simple to most info-theory readers......
>Let's take switching, for example.......
> ........... Our switches can be
>therefore interpreted on a metabolic or even physiological level and
>only the most theoretical treatment would consider them in the context
>of biological computing --- which looks, if my reading of info-theory
>is correct, much more like their pigeon.

Most of the info-theory people are native U.S.A.-ians or have immigrated and
become such, so we don't have a taste for pigeon *pie*.  :^)

>In general, BTK-MCA/metabolic-reg is much less theoretical --- a great
>deal of experimental work now exists.  (Bibliography will be sent if
>required - I'm just constructing one to put in our archive.)

I'm looking forward to the FAQ as (hopefullly) a teaching guide to the

>BTK-MCA/metabolic-reg would seem to be much more concerned with the
>behaviour of whole systems rather than individual components....
>...In some ways, I wish my members had chosen to post their articles,
>especially the numerous abstracts, on info-theory --- I feel sure that
>would have increased our yes vote.  But I don't think annoying other
>people is a good strategy and I would hate to see the integrity of
>info-theory suffer.  

That's OK, we manage to pull it down all by ourselves from time-to-time.  :^)

I was pleased to see the proposal for this newsgroup.  It seemed well
timed with Barrow's (in Nature) comment on the 40th Watson and Crick
anniversery that if there was one thing painfully missing as a result
of the doors opened by that revolution, it is the *quantitative* exploration
of mol bio systems which I'll broadly call macro-scale mol bio physical 

>				...John

I do not think the charter overlaps could in
practise if there were more of an inclination to speak of more than coin
flipping.  The stream of discussion proposed for metabolic-reg
could attract the interest of quite diverse disciplinarians....and one
ought to keep in mind, this group will touch on some of the topics that
must be traversed by almost any biotechnology invention or product that is
envisioned as a "marketable". 

I'll vote for metabolic-reg.

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I'd like to see this porposed newsgroup receive an affirming vote.

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