CONF: Global Change, Arctic Terr. Ecosyst NORWAY Aug.93

Morten Lange morten.lange at
Tue Jun 15 14:54:40 EST 1993

* Global Change and Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystems:  *
*                                                   *
* an International Conference                       *
*                                                   *
* 21-26 August 1993                                 *
*                                                   *
* Oppdal, Norway                 FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT *

Organizing Committee:
Walter C. Oechel, President, U.S.A.
Jarle I. Holten, Coordinator, Norway
Terry Callaghan, U.K.
Henrik Elling, Denmark
Tagir Gilmanov, Russia
Barrie Maxwell, Canada
Ulf Molau, Sweden
Odd Rogne, Norway
Bjartmar Sveinbjoernsson, Iceland


  Dr. Jarle Holten                         
  NINA (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research)
  Tungasletta 2

  Phone         +47 7 58 05 00    (instead of + put in 011 in the US, 
  Fax           +47 7 91 54 33    00 in many west-european countries etc)

Host Institutions:  Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA),
Trondheim, Norway, in cooperation with IGBP core project GCTE
(Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems), Canberra, Australia


( The long version can be obtained from
morten.lange at  )
(- also posted once in and nordunet.sci;
one international and one Nordic Usenet news-group )

Purpose of the Conference

This conference is being organized with the following objectives:

 To increase international cooperation, collaboration, and
    exchange of ideas among researchers interested in arctic
    ecosystems including especially Russian participation
 To assess our current knowledge and ability to predict the
    likely effects of anticipated global change on the structure
    and function of arctic ecosystems

 To assess likely positive and negative feedbacks of arctic
    ecosystems on the global atmosphere and climate
 To identify needed areas of additional research and the
    appropriate approaches for accomplishing that research

The conference will improve cooperation among researchers working
on arctic terrestrial ecosystems.  A published report will
summarize the workshop proceedings and recommendations and should
be helpful in the stimulation and coordination of international
arctic research.  There will be three additional publications: 
Abstracts, Contributed papers, Invited papers.

Important dates
  1. Indication of intent to attend           Immediately
  2. Submit abstracts                         Immediately
  3. Submit manuscripts for
        proceedings volume                        July 17
  4. Pre conference field trip         Morning, August 21
  5. Start  of conference              Evening, August 21
  6. Post conference field trip                 August 27
Morten Lange,           email : morten.lange at
Centre for Environment and Development, U. of Trondheim, Norway.
 ( Use  mortenl at if above address does not work )

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