killing bot fly eggs/larvae

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Tue Jun 15 14:53:40 EST 1993

rth at anat.UMSMED.EDU (Rosemary Hoffman) writes:
>Our 10 week old Australian Cattle Dog puppy (or is she an Australian Cattle
>Puppy) managed to pick up a bot fly larva which infected her cheek.  We have
>hoardes of squirrels living in the Slash Pines in our back yard which become
>infected with the critters.
>Does anyone know how to kill remaining eggs?  I've considered using a flame
>thrower, although the neighbors would think I was over-reacting.

Most of the subcutaneous "bots" or "warbles" that occur in dogs and cats 
are the larva of various species of _Cuterebra_ sp. flies.  They lay their 
eggs around the mouths of rodent burrows as the rodents and rabbits are 
their primary target.  Dogs and cats seem to acquire the disease by 
accident when poking their heads into the burrows after the rodents.  Often
times, the warbles have to be removed surgically by a veterinarian.
   To completely prevent infection is probably impossible; however, reducing 
the number of rodents may help.  If you like the furry little creatures, 
this is not an option.  I could suggest insecticidal sprays at and around 
the burrows of the rodents but you would miss some that your dog would 
undoubtably find.  The best solution is keep the dog away from the burrows.
A flea collar _might_ help.
   There is some danger of anaphylaxis if the creatures are "smashed" while
encysted in the dog.  Removal is probably best left to a veterinarian.
   Good luck.
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