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In article <1993Jun13.171218.10164 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk>, GBCA26 at VMS3.GLA.AC.UK ("David Leader : Glasgow University Biochemistry        : UK") writes:
>As co-author of a text book on nucleic acids, I received the following 
>enquiry from a reader in Italy:
>	Who first suggested the term "DNA duplex"  ?
>I suppose the average molecular biologist around today wan't born when the 
>term was coined, but although I was - oh those grey hairs - I don't know 
>the answer. Anybody out there does?
>David Leader,
>University of Glasgow.
>I suppose I should offer a copy of the text-book as a prize, but then I'd 
>have to mention its name, which might be construed as advertising for 
>personal gain. Ho ho.

Could it be none other than Watson and Crick?

	Watson, J.D., and Crick, F.H.C. 1953. A structure for deoxyribose 
	nucleic acid.  Nature 171:737-738.

A paperback copy will do just fine.

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