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I got a giggle out of this one, so I thought I'd repost it here.
Hope you enjoy it too...


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Are those of us who belong to the scientific community, stalwart in our
cynicism and pompous rhetoric, supposed to believe in "Jurassic Pickles?"
I think it well-nigh impossible to actually extract DNA from Mesozoic-aged
cucumbers which were trapped in containers filled with salt, garlic and
vinegar, much the less splice in nucleotide sequences from radishes and
kumquats to complete degraded genetic codes.
However, if it is true that you have done this, then what is next; Silurian
sauerkraut, Cambrian chili-peppers, Devonian devilled-eggs?
Good God, woman, where will it stop? Science has at its core a tradition of
patience, wisdom and restraint. It's only when our lust for applied technology
outpaces our ability to apply it thoughtfully that such abominations occur.
I urge you again, Ms. Worley, think deeply before undertaking this project.
We are Mankind, after all...not Devo!
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