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Fri Jun 18 10:22:02 EST 1993

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> I am posting this for Laurence Galian until difficulties with his account are
> resolved.  I expect he will be reachable by 6/22/93 at DRMLJG at VAXC.HOFSTRA.EDU.
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> Begin message:
> I have a 25 yr. old friend who had a tumor removed in 1987 from the
> left scapula region of her back. She received very localized
> radiation therapy and one year of chemotherapy. The chemo left her
> with peripheral neuropathy. 
> In the last two years the numbness in her left hand is getting
> worse. She is losing all feeling in the hand. Why would it start to
> get worse years after the surgery? Could this be due to scarring?
> We were wondering if there is a Hand Specialist in the New
> York/Eastern Corridor area who specializes in regeneration therapy?
> If anyone knows of such a specialist please post the information to
> this forum.

See a neurologist instead.  Your friend will probably need EMG 
testing to confirm the type of neuropathy.  Also, you might 
get good info off Sci.med.

Good luck
Steve Holand

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