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| I have been reading bionet-info-[theory] for the last two and a half
| years.  I have [learned] a lot of stuff, but none of it relevant to our
| field.  I have not posted any stuff from our field because it did not
| look at all relevant.

I have long suspected that there may be a way to express metabolic regulation
in terms of information theory, but I've been too busy with other things to get
to it.  So although it may not appear relevant at first glance, there may well
be common ground here.  Information theory is extremely general.

| It's a different theory.  Have you ever heard of Flux Control
| Coefficients (possible the most basic concept of our theory) mentioned
| on info-theory? 

Hmmm... I wonder if taking the log (base 2 of course) of the FCC's would
suggest ...

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