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In article <9306191334.AA14989 at deca> hrs at ABERYSTWYTH.AC.UK writes:
| >I have long suspected that there may be a way to express metabolic regulation
| >in terms of information theory, but I've been too busy with other things to get
| >to it.  So although it may not appear relevant at first glance, there may well
| >be common ground here.  Information theory is extremely general.
| >> It's a different theory.  Have you ever heard of Flux Control
| >> Coefficients (possible the most basic concept of our theory) mentioned
| >> on info-theory? 
| >Hmmm... I wonder if taking the log (base 2 of course) of the FCC's would
| >suggest ...
| >  Tom Schneider
| Probably nothing, because the FCCs are already in log form (to the base 2
| of course). The FCCs are ratios of fractional changes of a variable
| with respect to a parameter and I shouldn't think one could draw much
| more info by logging again.

So - not knowing about FCC's - there is the possibility that these Flux Control
Coefficients can _already_ be interpreted as having units of bits!  Two
questions come up: what exactly is a FCC (besides Frederick Community College)
and whether one can interpret them as measuring some kind of choice being made
by the system.

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