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Rob Harper harper at
Tue Jun 22 03:58:25 EST 1993


>Dear netters:
>	I am trying to use gopher and am pointing it to the node:
> I do reach it but don't get in. They ask me for
>Login: I type "gopher" BUT, when they ask me for Password: WHAT SHOULD
>I TYPE?. I guess I need to subscribe first, BUT HOW?

Looks like you are opening a TELNET session and not a gopher session.
Most gophers require that you have a gopher client installed
on your own machine and you would then give the command


and that would take you into the menu. There is no need to subscribe.
Such a command does not exist in gopher space. There are a few public
access gophers where you can open a telnet session to a host
and login as gopher. If I remember correctly there is a list of them
in the gopher FAQ.

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