Virology Bulletin Board

Tue Jun 22 13:42:09 EST 1993

I'm a newcomer to these internet bulletin boards and have enjoyed
what they have to offer.  However, as a Virologist, I'm dismayed
at the lack of activity on the Virology Bulletin Board.  I realize
that this is a relatively new news group, but there must be SOME
fellow Virologists out there in network land.  If you are a Virologist
or would like to be, the rest of us would appreciate your input in
the Virology section.  If you know someone that is a Virologist, ask
them if they are aware of this bulletin board.

As a test, I will post the same question here that I posted in the
Virology section.

It is common knowledge amongst Virologists that influenza, along
with many other viruses, can block the shut down of host cell
protein synthesis by inhibiting the interferon induced DSI kinase
pathway.  Is there any new data and /or ideas as to how this
mechanism works?

Henry Putz Senior Research Scientist
Dept. of Virology & Oncopharmacology
Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceuticals

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