Need Safeguards for Gene-Tinkered Foods

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Tue Jun 22 15:35:55 EST 1993

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>Posting this on behalf of Dr. Cummings. Hoping to start some serious
>discussion about the implications of allowing, for example, untested
>gene-tinkered canola onto the market, plus discussion on the ethics
>(or lack-there-of) of failing to label foodstuffs that have been
>"tinkered", or that contain tinkered (ie transgenic) ingredients.
>Cross-posting to give the discussion a "pus.  Maybe (we hope)e) talk
>between biologists, agriculturalists, and people NOT trained in these
>areas, can help clarify where the problems lie, and what ethical and
>safety issues Canada and the USA have to look at, as regards transgenic
>Dianne Murray
>Reid Cooper
>***************************article begins here*********************************
>                        TINKERED GENES IN THE SUPERMARKET
>by Joseph E. Cummins, Ph.D.
>(Associate Professor (Genetics), 
>Dept. of Plant Sciences,
>University of Western Ontario
>London, Ontario, Canada).
>from "alive", Vol. 130, May 1993, pp 12-13. 
>[posted with permission of Dr. Cummins]

[...article deleted...]

	The [deleted] outburst reminds me of similar opuses (opi?) from
	one Jeremy Rifkin, who, it turns out, at least has an excuse, since
	he's not trained in the subjects upon which he expounds.

-Rich Young

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