INFO NEEDED: biotelemetry system suppliers

Wed Jun 23 10:02:15 EST 1993

In article <csunC91yCo.CA1 at>, csun at (Charles Sun)
> Hi,
> I am posting this message for a friend who needs to build a biotelemetry system
> for a research project. The system will collect physiological measurements 
> (blood pressure, body temperature, etc) from small animals via 
> radio-frequency (RF) link.
> We would greatly appreciate it if someone can provide the following 
> information:
> 1) Name and phone number of suppliers for components such as
>    biosensors and RF transmitters.
> 2) Good journals or books on the implementation of such system.
> 3) Suggestions and recommendations from people who have experience
>    in constructing such system.
> Charles Sun
> EMAIL: csun at

contact people in your area involved with amateur radio.  You might 
describe your application in  .  Certainly
you'll get a few opinions.  If this is just in the lab stuff you
want to do and just avoid the wires, ignore this, but for field work
you might get yourself some volunteers.  There is a tradition of 
transmitter hunting in amateur radio and finding a real 'fox' would
be lots of fun.

Steve Holland, KD4TTC

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