Need Safeguards for Gene-Tinkered Foods

Lee A. Newberg newberg at ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Jun 23 09:22:16 EST 1993

Hidden within some of the outrageous claims presented here
is a valid debate.  The question is "Should there be a law
requiring that genetically altered materials be labeled as

IMHO, yes.  Although, I do not believe the outrageous
claims, I believe that a reasonable person can have doubts
about the suitability (with regards to health, taste, etc.)
of these products.  On the flip side, some people would
prefer these products over existing products (because of
rigorous testing, etc.)  The labeling would help consumers
differentiate between products.  It would prevent producers
from misleading (a.k.a. defrauding) consumers who had a

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