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+In article <9306221234.AA19802 at net.bio.net> , SCHLOSSER at ciit.org writes:
+>I agree that safegaurds and testing would be prudent and should be
+>performed before these products are available for human consumption,
+>but some of the dire predictions made seem highly doubtful.
+It would seem wise in terms of public relations to conduct these tests as
+if the dire predictions were reasonable.  Certainly, this summer's big
+hit movie, Jurassic Park, tries to reinforce public fears of
+Jim Owens

nothing against steven spielberg, but wait until his movie hits the screen 
here, in the country with the highest fear for genetech... we might as well
close the lab.

(b't'way, there IS a clear distinction between BIO- and GENE-technology,
perhaps we shouldn't confuse the audience to much).

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