gene-tinkered foods (or cummings ?)

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+Posting this on behalf of Dr. Cummings. Hoping to start some serious
+discussion about the implications of allowing, for example, untested
+gene-tinkered canola onto the market, plus discussion on the ethics
+(or lack-there-of) of failing to label foodstuffs that have been
+"tinkered", or that contain tinkered (ie transgenic) ingredients.
+Cross-posting to give the discussion a "pus.  Maybe (we hope)e) talk
+between biologists, agriculturalists, and people NOT trained in these
+areas, can help clarify where the problems lie, and what ethical and
+safety issues Canada and the USA have to look at, as regards transgenic
+Dianne Murray
+Reid Cooper

how can you hope to start a serious discussion on the basis of such an
extremely biased article ? 

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