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Thu Jun 24 09:39:52 EST 1993

Recently, a colleague of mine suggested that there may be reason
to NOT improve the quality of pulp mill effluent because of possible interferences
or changes to the ability of migrating fish to locate their
home streams and rivers (into which the pulp mill effluent is 
discharged).  The crux of the idea is that the fish imprint on
water chemistry when they emerge from their eggs.  Organic
compounds are known to play a role in this.   Therefore chaNGEs
to the organic profiles in the river *MAY* change the ability of fish to find their way home
(excuse the typing please)  fish to find their way home.

This sounds bogus to me but I thought I would pose the question.
The mill in uestion is unbleached Kraft process (no chlorine, no
AOX) no major toxicity problems with the effluent...  Feedstock
specieis are mostly spruce, fir, some pine... so high levels of
lignins, resins and phenolics...

Any comments?

Phil Ross

(Please excuse my clumsy typing...I'm not used to this editor or

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