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The following was extracted from the Washington Post.  I was called
by my chairman to warn me not to open strange mail;  we have also
been told that a second mail bomb exploded at Yale & was sent to
the brother of a medical geneticist.

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Div. of Medical Genetics, RG-25
and Dept. Biostatistics
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AROUND THE NATION<Genetics Defects Researcher Badly Injured by a
Mail Bomb<< SAN FRANCISCO - A famous geneticist, who researches
Down's syndrome and other genetic defects, was badly injured when
he opened a mail bomb sent to his home, the FBI said yesterday.

Charles Epstein, 59, a professor of pediatrics at the University
of California at San Francisco, triggered a powerful explosion
when he opened the padded brown envelope at his home in Tiburon
Tuesday afternoon, the FBI said.

Epstein, who doctors say should recover, lost several fingers,
suffered a broken arm and severe abdominal injuries in the explo-
sion, said John Covert, acting head of the FBI's San Francisco
office. He said the FBI has no motive for the attack and that no
one had taken responsibility.

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